Personality Styles – Are you red, blue, yellow, or green?

Where do you fall on this color wheel? More importantly, how does knowing your color impact your success on the job or in a family? There are many personality assessments available - Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder, Enneagram. But I like the DISC color wheel – I find...

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Is Your Help Helping or Hurting?

Confession: I am not a giver. I am a self-absorbed taker. On occasion, I may appear generous or thoughtful, but in my heart I know the truth, especially when compared to so many of my selfless friends and relatives. Living in the shadow of their examples, and acutely...

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4 Ways to De-bug a Relationship

Welcome to summer in Atlanta, a bug lover’s paradise. Filled with the joy of catching lightning bugs, the annoyance of mosquitoes, and the avoidance of ticks. I don’t love bugs, but they are strangely attracted to me. In the early evening, I can stand with a half...

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Self Knowledge: Harness your Power

What one thing would you change in your life if you thought you could? You may feel powerless, but what if you’re not? Knowledge is power. Harness your power and create a better life…

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Connecting Dots

Connect the dots…a terrific skill to carry into adulthood. What dots do you want included in the finished picture of your life?

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About Me

As a coach, I help women and couples relieve the stress and drama of difficult relationships, so they can build strong, healthy connections with the people who matter most.---Jeannie Murphy ACC, CPLC Atlanta based Life and Relationship Coach

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