Scenes like this are recreated in my living room all the time. All four of us cram into one small space. Two adults. Two furry friends.




Why don’t we spread out? Why don’t we use the other seats in the room or other rooms in the house – each one in his own corner?


Because we are hungry for human contact.


It’s wired into each one of us, even the cat. We need to connect physically, emotionally, spiritually. But it’s not always easy. In my experience it’s rarely been easy. 


Yet when they’re done well, these connections with friends, family, spouses, and pets are worth the time and trouble. They are worth the work, the risk, the vulnerability.


Our marriage is no different. It hasn’t been easy, but the relationship we have now is worth the effort. The uphill climb has been full of lessons and growth. I am not who I was. I am better and so are we.


So, don’t stop trying. Stay connected.


Learn… Grow… Love… Repeat…


Which relationships have been tough for you? What lessons have you learned about connecting well?