Light makes a big difference. Especially in the dark.


Many of the women I work with feel isolated, uncertain of their next step, and afraid of what the future may hold. Life has paused for them in a dark or difficult place.


Like them, the writer of Psalm 43 feels alone and cries out for rescue:


“Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me…”


When God’s light shines in a dark place, it dramatically changes the view. What seemed impossible becomes less intimidating, … perhaps it’s even within reach.


I’m thankful that God lets us play a role in meeting these needs. He invites us to be bearers of light and faithful caregivers to those who are wounded.


This work is not sharing trite platitudes or blind optimism like a cheerleader. Those things sound positive, but they crumble beneath the weight of real problems.


Rather, Christian coaching brings genuine truth and tangible help.


As I walk beside these women for a season, I believe that God has brought us together, that they are precious to Him, and that He is guiding them out of darkness to a much brighter place.


Who do you know that needs more light?