Sharing is an important skill for your little ones to learn. If they share well, it prevents so much stress… and noise! It also reduces temper tantrums and periodic screams of “MINE!”


This weekend I saw sharing a little differently.


Sharing is valuable for adults too, and it’s not always easy.


Perfection. Control. High standards. Wanting things done a certain way. All these tendencies make it hard for adults (like me … and maybe you) to share.


On Thanksgiving I prepared the turkey just the way I like it. I didn’t share any part of it. (And it was yummy.) But thankfully, I did share the rest of the cooking … and the cleaning. Everyone pitched in.


Later on, we also shared the work of decorating for Christmas.


Sharing creates unpredictable variety.


When I share responsibilities, things don’t get done exactly as I would have done them, but a shared load is lighter, and the time spent together is sweeter.


These days, when I need to choose between people and perfection, I try to remember that relationships matter so much more in the long run than anything else.


What do you find difficult to share?