Is it a blessing or a curse?


I think the answer lies more in my attitude than in the definition or origin of work.


I have a lot of work this week and I bet you do too. At this time of year, there’s often more to do and less time to do it.


Some of the work is boring, frustrating, or repetitive. Other parts are challenging, fulfilling, or fun.


Just thinking about work can increase my heart rate and my stress. How can that be good?


One thing I learned this year is that optimism is a choice.


This week, I am choosing to see my workload optimistically.


I may not love the cooking, but I love the people I’m cooking for!


Another way I make the worst parts of work a bit more pleasant is to turn them into a game or to race against the clock.


At the moment, I’m thankful for the work… but it’s only Monday! 😉


How are you thinking about your work?